I’m a creative soul that’s deeply passionate about creating authentic love stories that are personal to you.


I believe in being honest, to ourselves and to others. When you are honest with yourself you can understand who you are and live life authentically. Honesty makes a marriage stronger.


I care about ...

My Mom always says “closed mouths don’t get fed” which makes me smile and sums it up. Communicating your thoughts, ideas and emotions are so powerful and it’s an important part of getting to know my couples. When you open up to me, I can tell your authentic love story.


My mantra is just be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to the earth and be kind to your loved ones. Kindness is key to every marriage and is always at the heart of commitment.


Your film is the perfect heirloom to hand down through your family.

Honestly, I’m a sucker for love. I can sit and listen to romantic songs and the visuals come to life in my imagination, like a wedding daydream that unfolds before me. Rather than having a signature style, I capture your story in your style, having fun and making memories - it’s all about you.

It takes you back to that emotional speech from your Maid of Honor, the tear your dad wipes away as he witnesses his daughter for the first time and the tiny details that you spend so long planning but don’t get the time to appreciate as the day passes by so fast, it is a privilege to capture all of this for my couples. Nothing takes you back to that moment like the power of film – it gives me all of the feels.

As for me – I’m warm, open, goofy and empathic. I love to find the beauty in everything and cherish strong connections with my couples. Many couples go on to become lifelong friends. I really care about your day and I promise to capture it in a way that nobody else will.

Adventurous Couples

Those who want something a little special, a video that shows their difference, these are my people!


Specifically, my nugget Watson. Sofa snuggles with my fur child? Favorite place.


I literally plan all my travels based on the food I will eat, true story. I will travel anywhere for tacos.

My Soon-to-Be Husband

When I was in Middle School I could see his house from my bedroom window. He’s always championing me and I cannot wait to marry him.

Love Stories

The classics, the newer stories and of course, your story. Favorite love story has to be Moulin Rouge, right? Come tell me yours…



Before I moved into film I worked in digital marketing. I love that this chapter in my life was a time of learning about visuals from a different perspective. I pair that knowledge with my passion for telling true love stories. I’m known for working with my couples ...

My personal approach and our partnership is what make the experience so special. I will go out of my way to understand you and do your story justice. It’s important to me that I get you – I want to hear every element of what makes your marriage uniquely yours.

The experience starts here.


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